How It All Began

Aloha! My name is Ashlee and I started making soaps in 2015. My dad had helped me start up the business since I was unemployed. People suggested we sell them and wanted more. Growing up I was always creating things and had little businesses. Owning a soap business was something I hoped one day would be successful.

Having chronic illness and anxiety, it felt impossible for me to work. I didn't let that stop me. So, in spring of 2016, I started selling my soaps on Etsy. I learned a lot about running a business and had fun with it. Some of my resin creations are there. You can find them here.

I love creating my soap recipes and having people love them. My products have traveled to many states and countries all around the world.
A few years of making soaps, I've added soy candles, lip balms and lotions. Everything is made in small batches. Ashlee makes most of the products but Chris (her dad) helps with making some of it. 

Ashlee has been featured in a Go Solo Subkit article about how she started the business. You can read more here!

She has also been featured in Canvas Rebel's digital magazine which showcases entrepreneurs.